Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When I first decided to start this blog, I said that I would write about things that inspire me, as well as my work. I have yet to do so, and lately it could be that I've been having a hard time creatively. It feels almost like writer's block, but a little different. I have a couple of ideas for projects that I'm not ready to share at the moment, however I do have that lack of inspiration.

So I think if I list some of the things that inspire me, I might get it back. 1) An overcast day, right after or right before the rain and the smell of the rain in the air and with everything looking so green and alive. 2) Bird's eye views of big cities like Paris or New York, they look so peaceful and still from that vantage point even though you know there is so much life and commotion below. 3) Beauty, the kind that shines from the inside of a person so brightly that it reflects in their face and all they do. 4) White Christmases, even though I've never experienced one, the idea of it is so beautiful and peaceful. 5) Really good books with stories that are very moving and characters that seem so alive that you'd want to be them or know them. 6) Love; the kind that lasts forever; the kind that would cause someone to lay their life down for a friend; the kind that is heartbreaking, like loving someone you could never have. 7) My husband. He knows what he wants in life and works so hard to build his strengths and talents to achieve his dreams. So many people lose sight of their hopes and dreams, but knowing he has to at least try brings hope. And fear, for hope and fear are inseparable. 8) People who fight against injustice. We need more of them in the world. 9) Walt Disney and the legacy he created. He had a dream to create something worth while, that would leave an impression on people and that's what he did. Disney creates hope, happiness and innocence in an age of the not so innocent.

Wow, I feel inspired already! Sometimes we take for granted the little things in life like our inspirations and its good to reflect on them every once in awhile. You never know the emotions that you'll stir up!
Feel free to comment on what inspires you!

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eli said...

Im so glad that you feel inspired! And as a word of encouragement, I think you do great work and should start another project for me to be proud of!
Love you