Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Potraits

One of the reasons why I absolutely love the holidays is spending time with my family!! I love how now that Im all grown up, my sister is my best friend and how much fun we have together! Family dynamics are all so different, but its amazing how much power is in the bond that entwines it together. Whereas friends may come and go, family is always there and you cannot escape from the fact that you are related by blood to a group of individuals.
My siblings and I live in different states, a fact which bums me out like no other, so when all of us are together, we take the time to take lots of pictures together. Its so amazing to me how a photograph can capture a moment in time and season of one's life. This is probably why it is
so fun and fulfilling for me to do family portrait sessions.
I still have space for holiday portrait sessions. Please email me at sarahashleyphotography@yahoo.com for booking and availability. But hurry as time is running out!
Here are some family portraits from this past year that I've been meaning to share. Enjoy
XO~ Sarah

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